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Infrared electric heater MH4 - Indian Green - 400W - 230V

color: Indian Green
Sale price incl. tax: £690.00
Technical data
Warranty 10 years
Power 400W
Weight 10kg
Voltage 200-240V
Amperage 1.7A
Coverage 9 m² (average)

Indian Green Marble

Indian green marble comes in various structures and nuances in color. The well known marble stone from India is used for stylish bathrooms and fassades of prestigious building. The molecular structure of Indian Green makes it a perfect choice for infrared heaters, because it refracts the infrared heating rays for a even heat distribution.

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To calculate your exact heating needs, please: heating calculator

Infrared heating: Warming like the sun!

Electric infrared radiators warm like the sun and will turn your home into a cozy comfort zone. Lightweight and with elegant design you get clean, dust-free air - ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers or even rheumatism.

You save both running energy and investment costs - compared to any oil or gas central or underfloor heating system. The green heating system is topmost energy efficient, you can power it by wind power or solar panels to save even more money - that is good to our planet and reduces greenhouse gasses.

The alternative heating solution makes mold growth impossible, keeps up and increases your property value and is 100% free of maintenance and wear - the ultimate long-life natural product.

Electric heating advantages at a glance

cosy climateCosy comfort climate - no cold feet

save heating costsSave heating costs: installation and running expenses

healthy-heating-systemHealthy heating system, good for allergy and asthma

maintenance free heating100% maintenance- and wearfree

mold block heatingMold block

leak-free-heatingLeakfree, no liquid inside - no ignition

space saving heatingSpace saving

energy efficient heatingTop energy efficiency and low carbon footprint

heating warranty10 years manufacturer warranty


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